1. You'll need to install node on your server. Contact your host or system administrator if you're unsure of how to do this.
  2. Download the add-on's zip file, navigate to the "bot" folder in the zip root and open config.json.
  3. Set the token to the value you copied from your Discord Web API application when you installed the add-on.
  4. Set the status field to anything you want. It'll read "Playing {status}" on your server.
  5. Upload the contents of this folder to a server or somewhere where it can run in the background.
  6. Run the script by executing the following at the command line. You'll want to run this command in a screen, supervisord, forever or something similar to keep the bot online and you may need to adjust the syntax to scope.
    node app.js
Note that support for the companion bot is limited due to the variance in server environments and configurations.