AMP 1.0.10

Release date
Last update
Initial support
12 months
Renewal price

Feature summary

  • Provide a flexible framework allowing you to completely customize your AMP pages.
  • Support threads, pages and resources from XenForo's Resource Manager add-on.

Product details

This add-on provides a flexible framework for you to add AMP-support to your forums.

Under the hood, it provides alternative templates (suffixed with _amp) that meet AMP's strict validation requirements. These templates can be modified at will to offer different experiences for your AMP users versus regular ones. AMP'd versions of pages are available at a specific link and this link is exposed to Google.

Out of the box the add-on will attempt to provide an AMP'd version of your style but on fairly complex styles, this may not always be possible so some manual modifications may be needed. Support for this is not explicitly provided and is instead offered as a best-effort and in my own time. Generally though, you shouldn't have too much issue.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) Project is an open source initiative that came out of discussions between publishers and technology companies about the need to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone -- publishers, consumer platforms, creators, and users.

Today, the expectation is that content should load super fast and be easy to explore. The reality is that content can take several seconds to load, or, because the user abandons the slow page, never fully loads at all. Accelerated Mobile Pages are web pages designed to load near instantaneously -- they are a step towards a better mobile web for all.
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