Gift Upgrades

Gift Upgrades 2.5.1

Allow users to gift user upgrades to each other.
Release date
Last update
Initial support
12 months
Renewal price

Feature summary

  • Deeply integrated in to XenForo's User Upgrade system.
  • Statistical breakdowns of daily, weekly and monthly gift purchases.
  • Alerts to users when they have received a gift with optional messages.
  • Gift users directly from the content they have created.
  • Support for alternative payment providers.

Product details

Gift Upgrades allows your members to easily and quickly purchase upgrades for other members. It is tightly integrated with XenForo's core user upgrade features allowing seamless gifting of upgrades you have already created.

  • Integrates in to the default XenForo User Upgrade system allowing upgrades and downgrades to be handled by XF itself.
  • Integrates with XenForo's statistics system giving you a daily, weekly and monthly breakdown of gifts purchased.
  • Integrates with XenForo's criteria system allowing you to award trophies to users based on the amount of gifts they have given or received.
  • Integrates with XenForo's default content systems (profile posts, posts and users) to allow for your members to gift others directly from posted content. This can be easily extended to other add-ons and also allows for you to customize the appearance of gilded posts. Putting the 'Gift' button in easily accessible areas and minimizing the steps needed to purchase a gift is guaranteed to maximize revenue opportunities.
  • Administrators can track upgrades that were gifted through the Active / Expired User Upgrades area.
  • Alert users when they receive a gift.
  • These alerts can indicate who sent the gift or optionally, the gifter can choose to remain anonymous.

Pricing information

License duration
12 months
Renewal price

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