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  1. NixFifty

    Calendar View counters

    I'm not doubting that the counter is off but again, there is little to no difference between how views are totaled for threads (or even attachments for that matter) and how they're totaled for events leading me to believe the problem is somewhere else hence asking about your caching situation...
  2. NixFifty

    Calendar View counters

    There's nothing particularly different about how views are tracked between events and threads. The views get dumped in to a scratch table called xf_nf_calendar_event_view and the cron takes the number of views in that table and sums it with the existing number of views. Do you have guest page...
  3. NixFifty

    Calendar 2.1.0 released

    Calendar 2.1.0 is now available for all licensed customers to download. Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  4. NixFifty

    Tickets 2.0.3 released

    Tickets 2.0.3 is now available for all licensed customers to download. Add support for ticket prefixes. Add support for multi-quoting. Provide additional and more consistent template hooks. Add support for Member Notes by Z61. Notes can be entered and displayed within tickets. Add a few missing...
  5. NixFifty

    Ticket fields

    Thanks, I'll be releasing an update shortly to address this.
  6. NixFifty

    Tickets 2 Branding

    Update coming very soon. :)
  7. NixFifty

    Ticket fields

    Which display location have you selected?
  8. NixFifty

    Adding og:image to calendar if one is provided

    You can actually simplify it down to this: <xf:macro template="metadata_macros" name="metadata" arg-description="{$descSnippet}" arg-shareUrl="{{ link('canonical:events', $event) }}" arg-canonicalUrl="{{ link('canonical:events', $event) }}" arg-imageUrl="{{ $event.CoverImage ...
  9. NixFifty

    Calendar Can't create event

    Make sure you have a category. The installer in the betas hasn’t been adding an example category (which I’ve fixed already) and the error is a bit confusing at the moment.
  10. NixFifty

    Tickets Not a Bug Assigning/disconnecting discussion thread is not logged to moderator actions

    This is consistent with how XF core add-ons work too. I don't think I'll change this as a result.
  11. NixFifty

    Tickets Fixed Using "Manage priorities in tickets by others", a priority can only be changed in the inline moderation

    Sorted now. I don't think the behaviour was consistent or as obvious as it should be. Disabling priority selection will only disable it for users now. Staff will still be able to edit priorities of tickets. In addition, they'll be able to do it from the sidebar, from the edit overlay and inline...
  12. NixFifty

    Tickets Fixed "View tickets by others" shows amount of pages

    Should be corrected now, thanks!
  13. NixFifty

    Tickets Fixed No "Hard-delete ticket by anyone" permission

    Thanks, this is wired up now.
  14. NixFifty

    Tickets 2 Branding

    There’s no branding.