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    Nix, are you planning on porting over your addons?
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    Tickets Fixed Rebuild Ticket Information Fails

    > applications > ticket rebuilds > rebuild ticket information Fails with following frontend message. An exception occurred: Argument 2 passed to NixFifty_Tickets_Model_Ticket::prepareTicketCustomFields() must be of the type array, boolean given, called in...
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    AMP Not a Bug Malformed URL

    Notified error: Malformed URL 'http://www.dbtselfhelp,com' for attribute 'href' in tag 'a'. 3.) Practice mindfulness. Panic attacks are the body fearing what happened in the past will happen now. So help your body focus on just being here in the present moment. That's a bog part of what...
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    AMP Not a Bug CSS Error

    For some reason, adding this small and very specific piece of CSS into the extra.css template, breaks certain AMP pages with an invalid CSS message within AMP console: .xbBoxed {padding:20px 5px !important;} Remove it, valid. WTF? Added I decided to break it out into its own line, also...
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    tickets with flatawesome

    Nix, did you add something to the css for tickets to get the message container to wrap? Mine isn't applying the xenbase aspects at all to tickets -- user info boxes are on one line, messages underneath.
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    Whens The Next Tickets Version?

    Purely just wondering when the next version is out that fixes a lot of the present issues? The assignment fields drive me nuts with the weird and wonderful errors they cause. Is there any plan to get a faster versioning going so as to get to a stable tickets version in the near future where...
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    Tickets Not a Bug Upgrade Error
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    Tickets Fixed Page Category URL's You can't move through pages as a mod / admin, let alone haven't tested it as a user with multiple pages within categories.