Calendar Countdowns and Countups


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It would be nice to have a countdown counter to display how long until an event starts.

Similarly it would be very useful to have a countup function to display how many days/months since an event.
For example:
Event: Alfa1 stops smoking
Date: April 1st, 2019
Count Up: 10 days!
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Out of interest, how would you expect this to work? Would the specific event be admin-defined, for example?


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I think it would work to have calendar settings to 'allow countdowns' and 'allow countups'
This would allow us to restrict the use to specific calendars.

And a usergroup permission: 'can add countup to event' and 'can add countdown to event'
This way we could opt to only allow admins to add it or any usergroup we want to give that function.