Calendar highlight new events


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I wonder why you have no access to the Calendar forum. You are reporting and suggesting things that have been reported and suggested already, sorry.



The suggestion node is public.

I'm trying to evaluate it against xenatendo. I'm sure that the nixfifty's one is following xenforo standard more then the Jaxel's addon, but the last have some features that I can't see here in the demo... so I'm suggesting! (and sometime the features are only disabled like the map one) ;)


You gave the answer yourself... the difference between Jaxel and Nix is that Nix listens to suggestions... ;)
More than suggestions I'm more happy about that NixFifty follow xenforo's standards like Bob does.
About suggestions, sometimes Jaxel listen to suggestions too (like the ICAL/XML "all events export" for example).

Now the season is at the end but in before the end of August, I will need the calendar for sure.