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Clicking on User Feedback tab within a listing takes you abruptly to the /feedback page. As per nice UX theory it should ideally open within the listing tab (because it's a tab) or at the very least provide a back to listing shortcut from within the feedback page. It's kind of clunky at the moment as the user has to hit browser back button to go back to listing.

Ideally you should put feedback stats in a about user widget on the listing item page to be honest. Should not be in a separate tab.
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Out of interest, what is nice UX theory? I don't have much of a design / UI / UX background so I'm intrigued to learn more.

Well, I have no diplomas in UX design ordaining my walls to show either however based on work with fleece wearing/latte drinking UX design chaps and chapettes using tabs should alternate between views within the same context, the context namely being the listing in this instance. Most importantly hitting tab should not navigate to a different area that user would not expect.

Tabs should also logically chunk content. As feedback is generally not logical extension of a listing (imho) but an extension of the user profile I would think it should belong in the user info widget more so than at the listing level if that makes sense. Your decision on this but I do find it very clunky at the moment.

I would also look to emulating other listings/classified sites i.e. ebay has feedback in the user block (top right).