Calendar 2.4.0 released

Calendar 2.4.0 is now available for all licensed customers to download.
  • If a user has specified their location in their profile, add a new navigation link to show events near them.
  • Add basic public-facing page for event venues.
  • Add additional CSS classes to RSVP buttons.
  • Fix an issue where the date icon might overlap the title of an event when on mobile.
  • Properly insert news feed entries when someone RSVP's to an event.
  • Fix an error thrown when trying to cancel or reinstate an event.
  • Ensure moderator log entries include the event title.
  • Fix ordering of events in a handful of locations.
  • Exclude cancelled events from the upcoming events widget.
  • When displaying a map from Google Maps, ensure the location is URL encoded.
  • When rebuilding the sitemap for events, load less data.