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Okay this is rather good awesomeness! I just want to toss out some ... ideas for future development:

1) Have the ability for the cost to post (sell) be a set fee or percentage based off either a flat rate or a percentage of what the item sells for. More of a commission structure were perhaps payment is collected by the site and then passed through to the seller (hmmm)

2) Consider adding in and/or releasing an Ebay-esque version of this :p

3) What I have been trying to find for about four years now... a vendor marketplace where users can 'apply' to have a shop within your online 'mall.' Approved vendors can sell items real, virtual or otherwise and again either pay a percentage of sale, flat rate per sale or perhaps a x/time determined rent to be in your vendor mall (I would commission this add-on if you guys had time). classifieds is awesome...just saying. :)