Discord Integration 2.8.0 released

Discord Integration 2.8.0 is now available for all licensed customers to download.
  • Add support for multiple servers when using XenForo to Discord role syncing.
  • Add support for XenForo Media Gallery and send notifications to Discord when new media is uploaded.
  • Add support for XR Product Manager and send notifications to Discord when products are purchased.
  • Add an option to globally disable sending Discord DMs.
  • Add a per-server allow list of user groups that can join a server.
  • First sync notifications now support multiple servers.
  • Display guild ID when viewing the server list.
  • Archive queue jobs to a separate table for additional logging.
  • When updating a resource, include the resource icon in the notification if it exists.
  • You may now upload a custom footer icon to be displayed within notifications.
  • The color associated with a notification can now be customised.
  • Include additional troubleshooting steps when Discord roles can not be fetched.
  • Update included widget to look and feel more native for easier restyling.
  • Update channel listing in XenForo admin panel to display text channels from all connected servers.
  • Replace bundled companion bot with a PHP-based one.
  • Fix not being able to update channel name and topic information from the admin panel.
  • Fix "Kick from Discord server on dissociation" option not reliably kicking the user.
  • Other assorted bits of code clean up.