Gift Upgrades Guest gifting (much more income)


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On most forums the vast majority of people are guests who just read.
Guests should be able to gift upgrades to members and are likely to do so.
This creates a new income stream for the site from a much larger group of donators.

If usergroup permission permission for unregistered is set to gift users, posts or profile posts then the gift link should appear.

If it is not possible for guests to make a payment through the XF upgrades system then consider to use a proxy account for this purpose.


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This is a pretty good idea that I’d never considered. It shouldn’t be much work to implement it either.


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Ya, even though guests are a little less likely to gift, the percentage of guests is often 70-95% so thats a very significant pool of people to get gifting income from.
For example currently on there are 100 members and 700 guests online. So that site probably has many hundreds of thousands of guests online per month. If only 0.1% gifts then that is very nice income.