Thread Chapters Image as Chapter?

Hi @Nix

I run a relatively new gaming forum and we do quite extensive Offical Threads (OTs) for newly released titles. A recent example is below: -

They can be a little intense as they're quite media-heavy a lot of the time, so I purchased the Chapter Add-On as it seemed perhaps a good way to manage this by sectioning each area as a chapter within the post.

However, having installed it on our test server it doesn't seem like there is a way to put anything before the Contents/Chapter listing, like a Banner or a quick Introduction? Is that something that could be introduced?

Also, It would also be great if you could Make Chapters images. So is the example given above it could look like this: -

That way people can jump to the section they want and not have to scroll through the whole thing. It suits us to keep everything in one thread versus split across different ones as that's where the conversation is going on.

Hope that makes sense. If it isn't possible no biggie, but don't ask don't get. ¯\(ツ)

Thanks for your time

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