Classifieds Implemented Include a condition policy option


What condition the content is in, is pretty essential. I would like to make it easier for the buyers and sellers to pick the CORRECT condition.
When posting a new listing, you should be able to view a condition policy; This is a info text that will show next to the different conditions.
For example, our definitions of "very good", "like new", "acceptable" etc.
The admin can add these details in the ACP.
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This was in the last update.
Classifieds 1.2.0 is now available for all licensed customers to download.
  • Improvements to the workflow for creating and managing paid ads.
  • If a description is set for a condition, display it on the listing add/edit page.
  • Harden code that adjusts listing counts for users.
  • When editing listings, properly display the contact email address if one has been provided.
  • Don't show tags on the listing edit page.
  • Make sure a receipt is sent when a paid ad is purchased.
  • Clean up setup steps.