Classifieds Maps Work Good, But, Could Be Better


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Maps work good, but they could be better.

As of now, the auto-complete only finds areas/cities and not specific locations such as an apartment complex or business. The "city" only will have to do if they're selling at 123 This Building 385 Street for example, because auto-complete cannot find it.

A way to override this is to type in the exact address as you'd see on Google Maps. Very cumbersome for a user to do. (Unless it's a different API to enable places like that to pop up).

Or, you could use the GPS location to pinpoint, say "36.204824,138.252924" for all of Japan. Even more difficult for users to understand.

For now, I have it set in a custom 'area' location checkbox to solve this issue.

tl;dr: Please the ability to find specific places by typing the address in for auto-complete (must need for foreign addresses in different languages [Japanese])
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