New Status for Events 'I Was There/I Went there'


I understand my idea may not make sense to some, but I intend to use the event calendar as an event calendar that spans musical gigs and important events in music history. This will enable fans of various artists to view historical gig content that will include setlists, locations and further info for concert dates of the past.

I (stupidly) assumed that the calendar would have an option to mark events as attended retrospectively, but it appears that is not the case.

From what I understand, there is sponsored development on events being shown on members profiles. The above should also display on the user profile feed.

Example - If I find an event I attended in 1992, and check 'I was there' at the top of the event - this will automatically populate and be added to the feed within the user profile tab/feed.

I've not found another calendar for general use that includes the above, although it is a very standard feature for other gig inspired calendars (of course, not compatible/integrated with xenforo like this one is)

Many thanks :)
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