Calendar Template Conditional


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Hi there, quick question -

What would be the best way to use a conditional to display content based on an event field / custom field ?

Example - I have a event field titled 'show' - if the option is 'Yes' - content within this conditional will display. Else, it will display nothing.

I've tried dumping vars and searching around, and I understand the basic premise but I'm not quite sure how to get there.

Any help would be appreciated.


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You'll need to edit the field and pick the "Self placement" display location.

From there, you'll need to edit the template where you want the content to show and add this:

<xf:if is="{$event.custom_fields.fieldIdHere} == 'choiceValueForYesHere'">
    Your content here

If you want this to appear on the event view page, you'll want the nf_calendar_event_view template. Anywhere else, you'll need to make sure $event is available.