And Classifieds! Waiting for a production ready version for ages... Time to find an alternative? My B plan is a wordpress bridge...


I buying a license renewal in the beginning of 2019 for only a beta calendar :cautious:
This has been addressed and I believe that it will be extended for a certain period of time to compensate for the lack of updates.
Yup, poor timing on my part. To cut a long story short, I’ve been in and out of hospital for a few weeks (literally starting a few hours after my last post in this thread) tending to a family member. I’m hoping to punt out a Calendar release this week and licenses will be extended so it’ll be available to all customers.


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@NixFifty has done a wonderful job on the version for XF2 with more features coming. I had to renew my license, also, cause it expired as the betas went on ...but well worth it.