Rosters and Personnel Status Reports

Rosters and Personnel Status Reports 2.0.9

Release date
Last update
Initial support
12 months
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Feature summary

  • Custom roster fields letting you capture and display the data you want.
  • Auto-adding of users to rosters based on their user groups.
  • Simple awards and records systems built in.
  • Individual profiles for roster members to view collated information.

Product details

  • Support for multiple rosters laid out across tabs in an order you choose.
  • Individual and optional profiles for roster members to view collated information.
  • Custom roster fields of varying types on a per-roster basis.
  • Simple awards system to recognise and highlight your members and their achievements.
  • Simple records system to add notable information to a member's profile.
  • Integration with usergroup promotion functionality allowing specific usergroups to be assigned based on a member's current rank.
  • Support auto-adding of users to rosters based on their user groups.
    • Retroactively import users in to a roster based on their user group.
  • Optional support for ranks through either custom fields or the built in system.
It should be noted that the screenshots attached depict a roster that has several fields and members attached to it.
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  • rosterpositions.png
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Pricing information

License duration
12 months
Renewal price

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