Tickets Fixed 1.6.4 Cannot Manage Ticket Priority anymore


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Looks like there is a bug with the new permission...
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I am Admin and have all permissions set to YES but I can't manage the permissions.

How does that correspond to the option per category "Allow ticket priority selection"? I now have tickets that were in those categories but I did set a priority as admin afterwards anyway to assist the user and see what is really urgent. But now, with the new permission I cannot change it anymore.

Maybe: shouldn't there be two permissions?
  1. "Manage priority of own tickets"
  2. "Manage priorities of tickets from others"
Simple solution: The admin permission "Manage priority of tickets by others" should override the category option. So that users with that permission set to yes can always manage the priority, no matter what.

Also: A priority of "None" (disabling it afterwards) would be great to add (nice to have).