Classifieds Classifieds ads that require payment are getting through without being paid

Affected version


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I have the latest version of the Classifieds add-on running on the latest XF 2.x release running on my site. Twice now someone has submitted an ad which goes into the approval queue. I approve it so it posts to the associated forum but the ad thankfully is not showing. There is a counter in the left column that shows the ad is there but you can't view it, the counter probably should not be reflecting this as it's not paid.

I tried putting an ad there and clicked the option to pay then canceled out of the paypal view. This obviously allows the ad to post but go without being paid. I'm not sure how this workflow works such as notifying the advertiser to complete the payment as it wasn't paid for?

It seems some improvements are needed to paid ad workflows as this is very confusing for the administrators as well as the end users in getting ads paid for or removed/rejected if unpaid.