Classifieds Fixed Item fields missing on front end for Classifieds


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I have latest version of Classifieds addon running on XF v2.1.3
I have added item fields which all show fine when adding a new classifieds ad but they do not show in the front end nor do they show if you then edit the advert ???

Had a look in database, and in xf_z61_classifieds_listing table I can see my ads, there is a row called custom_fields and in there is blob data as follows:-

I reckon it doesn't appear to be saving the fields when I add the entry ?

I removed all fields bar one but still the same happens

and finally (maybe unrelated) the approval moderation queue shows as [deleted] after the name of the item as I approve them. The classifieds listing does not have this but the forum post has it has the title i.e. "Item Name [Deleted]"