Calendar Dead links check for URL fields.


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With members posting events to your calendar, it is most likely that each event will have links to the event and possibly embedded images.

There is very little incentive for event organizers to keep websites and webpages of the events online. In time most of the links will go dead because events are very temporary.

Then it becomes a real SEO problem. Especially if a lot of events are posted. Before you know it you may have hundreds of even thousands of pages with dead links. Thats really bad. You do not want your site full of dead links. Google doesn't like that at all.

I'm looking at the import of my vbulletin calendar and it has a lot of broken links and images.

There would be some form of link checking.
I suggest to use dedicated event fields for URLs and to check the validity once every x months.
Optimally the event text would also be checked for dead links.
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