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Throwing in my laundry list that I communicated to you via PC for the newly minted XF2 Calendar. I'm going by what I've tested on your Calendar demo here so apologies if already implemented etc.

1. XenAtendo 2 importer (Jaxel's calendar addon) which is the ONLY other XF2 calendar out there so you should consider supporting it.

2. Desperately needs some location filters preferably in the side bar. I will have a few hundred events across many states and provinces so will be a challenge to filter for the user. You'd want to have an Events near me input field as well as some sort of Geo filter (at a minimum: Country, State/Province, City).
--> So the sidebar block would have
1. Calendar Selector: All, Multiple, Single,
2. Country (Defaulted to user defined value | ALL | Selected),
3. State/Province: (Defaulted to user preference | ALL | Multiple | Single Selected),
4. City: (Defaulted to user preference | ALL | Multiple | Single Selected)

Show Events Filter Block:
Address Field: Enter address
Radius: Show only events within XX kms/miles

Show only Events I've RSVP'd To:
Going | Maybe | Not Going

3. My Events sidebar block would be handy i.e. events you've RSVP'd to as well as Events you've created. This would give you easy access to all your events and all events you've RSVP'd to.
--> My Events:
...... List all your future events
--> Events I'm going to
..... List All Going Events
--> Events I'm Maybe on
... List All Maybe Events

4. Save Calendar View i.e. if user switches to List View for example that should be retained as the user preference.

5. Link existing thread to an event

6. Assign event ownership to another member

7. Event collaboration - allow multiple owners of event

8. Multi date and multi location event support

9. Full width widget of upcoming events with create event shortcuts. Sidebar widget with upcoming events and create event shortcut.

10. Featured events - promotable by usergroup

11. Custom event fields i.e event ticket links, more info etc.

12. Add Event type Google Structured Data (can't insert links in your forum but go to developers @ google and search for event structured data)
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