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Calendar 2.3.1 is now available for all licensed customers to download.
  • Add additional links to the navigation bar to quickly find events you're going to, might be going to or are on the waiting list for.

This is a fantastic new feature, thanks!

It would also be great to see a "Events Near Me" option within the 'Find Events' sub-navigation. When you click this menu item, it's utilises the 'Events Within:' filter, auto populating the location from the users Account Details | Location ( /account/account-details ) field.
Thus, if I had "Melbourne" as my Account Details, Location then the URL for the Find Events | Events Near Me would be /events/?layout=list&location_boundary[location]=Melbourne&location_boundary[distance]=50&location_boundary[distance_unit]=km

It would also be great to see the 'Find Events' sub-navigation items included in the List View sidebar navigation. 'Your Events' is already there, thus having 'Events You're Going To', and 'Events Near Me' etc. would be a great addition here too.
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