Discord Integration 2.7.0 released

Discord Integration 2.7.0 is now available for all licensed customers to download.
  • Add support for multiple servers that can be used as notification targets.
  • Use a background queue to dispatch Discord notifications to avoid blocking sending alerts and encountering rate limiting.
  • Significant rework of role syncing to be more reliable.
  • Use background queue for role syncing.
  • Add a new option to sync avatars from Discord.
  • Add support for Discord server events to the API wrapper.
  • Add support for Xon's Threadmarks add-on.
  • Fix incorrect function visibility for some extended methods.
  • Trigger new thread notifications on moving threads, and copying/moving posts to new threads.
  • When uninstalling the add-on, ensure the connected account provider is actually removed.
  • Fix "Link Discord account" permission could cause the "Connected accounts" button to be flaky.
  • Update dependencies for the companion NodeJS bot.