Discord Fixed Discord Integration issues


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Getting this error when trying to use a node tweak add on from XFA with your discord integration installed:

Fatal error: Access level to XFA\NodesIconTweak\XF\Admin\Controller\Forum::nodeAddEdit() must be public (as in class NF\Discord\XF\Admin\Controller\Forum) in /home/carbonit/public_html/src/addons/XFA/NodesIconTweak/XF/Admin/Controller/Forum.php on line 0

If I uninstall the discord integration the error disappears.

opening the file src\addons\NF\Discord\XF\Admin\Controller\Forum.php and checking for the declaration of the nodeAddEdit function. I get this:

public function nodeAddEdit(\XF\Entity\Node $node)
$reply = parent::nodeAddEdit($node);