Classifieds How can I create a sticky thread on top of the Classifieds page?

Hello. My users are somehow technologically challenged. I wanted to create a "how-to" thread on the top of the classifieds page which would explain (or try to) how to create a classified. Is there an option to do this? Hopefully my image below will explain better:
You could use a notice for this and have it only appear in the Classifieds section.

And this is why I am here today! Well, also to renew licenses and look at your awesome add-ons -- but I am working with classifieds and while I know you have told me ten thousand times how to do this (sorry) for I think all of your add-ons :) would you please tell me again, @Nix how I can push a notice to people when they go to create a new classifieds listing?? Thank you, sir! :)