How to... Escalate (Tickets)


Iam still struggling with getting Escalations to work smoothly. And I don't know if it is just me not clicking the right buttons... ;) or if there is a bug...

I am trying to activate an escalation that will be a standard reply once somebody sends in a ticket IF he has clicked on a selection of custom field options.

For example: Someone sends in a ticket. He uses a custom ticket dropdown field with favorite pets and selects "Dogs". The escalation shall send a reply with the content: "Oh, you like dogs, we have the following information for you"... So far so good. I don't get it to work. In other words, the setup I thought would work, does do nothing.

What would you setup in your escalations to get this going? Can you show it somehow as screens or so...


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Create a new escalation, set title and description.

Under "Update Actions", check "Reply to Ticket", enter a message in the message field and fill in "From User" to specify who you want the message to be posted by.

Under the "Ticket Field Criteria" tab, set your chosen criteria and then save.

Let me know if you have further trouble.


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Under "Update Actions", check "Reply to Ticket",
Well that exactly does not work in the moment a ticket gets in. It only seems to work with the Cron Job once a day and then it comes like every day... so close but not as it should be. What I want is one direct reply and that's it, until another action is triggered, but not like a simple Cron Job repeating every day, specific to the user parameters of course, but no matter what happened.