Calendar Missing template for “Collapsing Categories” Widget

I miss the template where I can adjust the HTML code for the collapsing categories in the sidebar category widget. You just did put a line of code like “raw” something somthing which lets me think it is only generating the HTML dynamically in the PHP templates.

Could you please make sure there is a template for it? I made some adjustments to the Fontawesome “circles” which bear the specific event calendar colors. It works with the “Basic Expanded” option. Because that HTML is in the XF template.

I can give you the code, which enables the “stacking” feature of Fontawesome which makes it possible to have a colored background circle with a thin outline in a different color. That improves the contrast to any background of the widget, so that one can select any calendar color without the fear of the color blending into the widget background... if you know what I mean.... ;)

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