Question for "Discord Integration"


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I am unable to post anything anywhere due to it claiming it as "spam". This is very frustrating. I have tried PM's and threads, with no luck.

I have a question about the Discord Integration add-on but not being able to ask my question, I'm stuck.

EDIT: I have also verified my license information so am a little angry that this is not allowing me to post a simple question. Frankly, this is completely unacceptable.



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Including external URLs as a new member is going to trip spam detection.

To your original question, there is no page like that in this add-on.


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Ah, external URLs, fair enough. Shouldn't there be an exception for the official XenForo site? Your add-ons are for their software after all. (Just dev-to-dev, a friendly suggestion)

As for the original question, cool-- thanks for the confirmation.