Applications Set a Default Application "Title" per Category (optional)


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Since all applications in a certain category do not really describe different applications but always the same type of application I would suggestion that instead of leaving the title to the applicants creativity to have an option per category to set the default application title... for example

Category: "Club Membership"
Title: "Application for Club Membership"

Otherwise you will get 1) complaints about what a title should be 2) "Hi there" 3) "Howdy" 4) "Lett meh lnn"... and so on...

Maybe a Title field per category and if you leave it empty it will not override the title, if you fill something in, it will override the title for each application in that category.
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An addendum to this would be the ability to establish a custom title with data from the application itself. For example "Membership Application for [field.fieldID]" or "Membership Application for [UserName]" with the ability to lock the title from being edited as an AdminCP Option.