Transitioning from Pixel Exit to NixFifty Services

As of 21/12/2016, sales and support of my add-ons will now be handled from License holders will be able to claim their licenses on the new system here giving them access to their downloads just as before.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this may cause but we feel this will be a productive change in the end.

The following add-ons have been moved over:
  • Tickets
  • TeamSpeak 3 Integration
  • Animated Avatar Permission
  • Rosters
  • Gift User Upgrades
  • Discord Integration (currently in private beta)
Steps to re-claim a license:
  1. Obtain your applicable order numbers through one of the following methods:
    • You can obtain a historical list of order numbers from Pixel Exit by visiting this page. The alphanumeric string after the word 'Order' is what you'll need to copy and only for the products listed above. Be advised, this method will only work until 01/31/2017 after which you'll need to use the alternative method.
    • Search your emails for order confirmations from Pixel Exit from your original purchases. These emails contain the text 'Thank you for your purchase at Pixel Exit' and will contain your invoice number and order number. Either of these can be used for the claiming process.
  2. Once you have obtained your order number and registered here, visit the product page of the item you're wanting to claim and click the 'Claim License' button.
  3. From there, enter your order number and applicable email and hey presto, you should have your license.
Thank you for your understanding.
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Fixed! :D :D

All kidding aside: It would be really helpful to get a new build. Preferably one with all the fixed issues in it.
Sorry, I wanted to get one out but I'm still working through the kinks with some escalation related stuff. Trying to get it to a stage where I'm happy with it and not push out a half-done version of it. Good news is, I've almost got it all wrapped up. Just need a little more time.


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Tickets - Fixed - Members cannot see their pending tickets
This is why this addon doesn't work for us and why we have 120 people who cant access their tickets. Some have been waiting for 7 weeks. There are serious issues we need to take care of with social and financial implications.
I made clear this was critical 3 weeks ago and you said a patch was going to come out. Please resolve this.
We are also getting a lot of fatal errors.


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Its getting really problematic now with close to 200 people waiting for months. We are loosing money, members and not resolving drama. Can you please drop all other projects until this is stable?


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Its getting really problematic now with close to 200 people waiting for months. We are loosing money, members and not resolving drama. Can you please drop all other projects until this is stable?
I'm not sure I follow. Xon and I put a workaround in for your Litespeed cache issue and guests not seeing their pending tickets list. What are you experiencing aside from that and the escalation bits?


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Like mentioned in our convo: the litespeed fix, does not resolve the issue of tickets not being visible. My users just do not reply to their tickets. There are various known and unknown factors that contribute to this.

There are ~50 bugs fixed since the last release. Including issues with PENDING status, search not working and the escalation issues. Once these issues are all fixed I hope this also clears up the problem of members. At least there will not be a complexity of bugs affecting each other and collectively affecting user experience. Hopefully it will become clear what is going wrong, once all bug fixes are implemented.


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To illustrate:

We are using Bob's Reviews Management System and are happy that companies claim their listings and then open a ticket that they want to pay to advertise their company in RMS. This is really awesome because we can get income to spend on custom development. So we reply to the tickets with questions and helpful information.

After that the staff cant find the ticket anymore. Escalations have put the ticket status in pending and pending status has issues. Search doesn't work. There seems to be some other issue that hides tickets as well.

The companies don't reply to the ticket anymore. Most likely they cant find their ticket and only get the submit ticket page. We can replicate this after submitting a test ticket. Their ticket basically goes into the black hole that is our helpdesk in its current state.

Imagine this times 200.


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That is really cool. Thank you.
Are you going to fix up the last 2 as well? I find one important and the other one about permissions worrisome.

Tickets - Weird Ticket Count if permissions "hide" some tickets.

This one is because all tickets are fetched and counted. After that, non-viewable ones are filtered out but the count isn't updated. Not really anything catastrophic, just a counting issue. Will be fixed in the subsequent release, I just wanted to put what I had out because I'm aware it'd been a while since I had done so.

The other one is also not a massive issue, filtering options work it's just that assigned and non-assigned tickets get treated as two separate lists. Also planning to address this in the next release.
Including issues with PENDING status
I just want to point out that the issue with this was that if users chose to drill down to show only pending tickets, that option was missing. IIRC, that was the only problem here.
search not working
Yup, this wasn't ideal. I've properly implemented this and wired it up.
escalation issues
Also, not ideal but should be solved.
There seems to be some other issue that hides tickets as well.
I'm also interested to know why people aren't replying to your tickets. FWIW, I use tickets on a number of communities and we get a big influx of responses. We have upwards of 700+ tickets to really put a number on this. Customers use the ticket system here to also communicate with me and receive support (albeit, it's not close to 700). In these cases, I'm receiving responses as normal. I receive alerts / emails when people respond and it seems as if they do too since I get plenty of timely responses.

Aside from the litespeed issue, I'm not sure why you're not receiving responses so I'm more than willing to work with you to ascertain why that is. I have not used litespeed or its associated cache in many years but I can almost guarantee that the public cache wasn't designed to serve dynamic content based on what is in a guest user's cookies. Thus, tickets was whitelisted. If you're still getting issues and no responses after we've done that, then yeah that signifies something else so again, more than happy to work with you on finding out what it is.