Use Tickets as your Bug and Suggestions Tracker

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by ALfa1, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Please consider to use Tickets as your Bug Tracker and Suggestions tracker.
    This would make a lot of sense and would showcase the use of Tickets to other developers.

    Quite a few developers come here to see if they can purchase Tickets for this, only to find that you do not use Tickets for bugs and suggestions yourself. Which means you are loosing out on sales. Additionally if developers use your software this is also good advertising of your software.
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    I don't currently use it as my tracker as it's mostly built as a helpdesk solution, rather than an issue tracker. I may look in to it when I have some free time over the holidays.
    Any in particular?
  3. ALfa1

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    Several well known developers have told me so in private. Others I have advised to do use your addon together with XenProduct Manager.
    I don't feel comfortable to share private conversations, but what I can share is this:
    Its public knowledge that Pegasus will only migrate from vbulletin to xenforo once he can migrate vbulletin project tools to a xenforo solution. Here is his Ticket system now: VaultWiki - Wiki for Forum Communities - Support

    Dragonbyte Tech also wants to migrate from vbulletin to xenforo and has posted this here: Tickets [Paid]
    Fillip posted 3 suggestions for his needs.
    You know that Russ and Steve were wanting to have a tickets solution for PixelExit

    Then there are various developers who use WHMS or similar because they do not have a better way to handle tickets and project tracking. Even while WHMS does not include XenForo license validation that XF Product Manger has. (which means they make it easier for warez abuse to happen)

    What I would like to see, is just as many developer who currently use XPM to also use Tickets. It makes perfect sense.
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