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    Tickets is a great addon and I can recommend it to others. But when you use it on a busy site then you encounter quite a lot of issues that disturb the relationship with your users. I think that Tickets needs a release that deals with these issues. Some examples:

    If you combine the issues above, then you see it entails quite a headache to deal with it all. Especially when one problem collides with others.

    I know that you have a lot on your plate, but please address this by doing another big release for tickets after the calendar release.
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    Now that I'm back from my trip and the calendar update is done, Tickets (and Applications) are next in line. :)
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    Hope you had a good trip. So Tickets for XF2 is the next to drop?! :: super excited ::
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    The above relates to XF1. Im sure the XF2 version is in the works though.
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    Will any of the above issues be addressed in the next release?
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