Ticket Emails


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Hey, where can I change the content of the initial opening ticket that is send out to the ticket creator?

This could also made a feature if the content of the initial email is editable in the backend. I want to have some more elaborate reply since all my ticket creators do NOT read the password...

I want something more like this:

Hi [Name],

thanks for contacting [Brand Name] Support! A support ticket has been created and one of our team members will review it soon.

Our [Help Page] is an excellent source on everything [Brand Name], where you’ll find tons of information on setting up your store and ways to sell. We also have a [YouTube Channel] with lots of great video tutorials.

Your ticket number is XXXXXXXX.
Your access password is XXXXXXXX.

If you'd like to add any more information to your ticket, please reply to the ticket directly online and not to this email. You will hear from us soon!

[Brand Name] Support


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You would change the phrases to get this result.

Probably not going to be a feature to make them any more editable on XF1 since it's difficult to get that kind of functionality with the way the email system works. XF2 makes email templates a lot easier to customise so potentially.