Calendar Clone an Existing Event


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Often, events are repetitive in nature. They don't repeat on a regular/specific cycle, but the next event is a clone of (or quite similar to) the previous one.

To make it much easier to create events and further encourage calendar usage, it would be terrific to have a (usergroup permission controlled) 'Clone Event' button for existing events....

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 11.54.06.png

When a user clicks this button, the Create Event page ( /events/calendar/abc.1/add ) opens, with the all details (other than the date) pre-filled/copied from the event being cloned.

All the user needs to do next is enter/select the date(s), change any other details if applicable, and click the Create Event button.
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Wondered if this would be on the drawing board? I still say an import function (csv/spreadsheet) would be game changing.