Tickets Hard-deleted ticket count still shown in category


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This is pretty straightforward. After hard-deleting a ticket, it is indeed deleted from the database and category view. This throws my staff members and I off when going into the ticket queue or a specific ticket category. Due to this, I didn't some digging into the admin panel and database. And I came across the xf_nf_tickets_category table.

I found that the ticket_count category is still be incremented for a specific ticket category. The last_ticket, last_ticket_title, and last_ticket_id columns are also still present from the respective row of the ticket category.

Is it possible for this to update according to a ticket being hard-deleted? I think it would definitely clear up some confusion. It's established in my team that these tickets are definitely deleted (as I've checked the database), but this being looked into would be much appreciated.

Other than that, thank you for providing a great add-on like this. I know it help our community immensely!


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This shouldn't be the case as category information is rebuilt after a ticket hard deletion. What version are you using?