Calendar Not appearing on the calendar view


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I had an event that I added to the calendar for 12/26/2019-01-31-2020.

The date was wrong, though.

I edited the end date to 10/31/2020 and it not only disappeared from its starting block (the 26th), but also from stretching across the calendar to October 31 as it previously had to January 31.

It still appears in list view though.


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Are you able to reproduce this here?
No matter how I edit the event here, it cannot be reproduced.

I'm going to try to mess around with editing it more and seeing if it stretches out that long on my forum again or not.

If not, could you take a look at the DB tables to see what messed it up?

I'd hate to have to recreate the event and then redirect the / to / worst case.