Is Rosters Dead?


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Seems that what we were looking for is no longer available with THIS plugin, and I have to agree with @Freelancer - Rosters IS Dead and seems as if it won't be coming back anytime soon! I am saddened and angry that this plugin hasn't been supported as expected and it seems as if I am going to have to HIRE a developer to write the plugin that I NEED for our organization to function as necessary! This will cost us $1000's of dollars, when we could have spent a fraction of that cost on a GOOD plugin that WAS well supported at one point - thus hurting our organization...
No need to act so hard done by. You purchased a XF1 addon, and received full support for that addon on that software. XF1 to 2 isn't by many means an ordinary software upgrade, so it isn't always right to simply assume there will always be an upgrade path.

I appreciate the frustration of broken promises being made, we've experienced it as well with the tickets addon. NixFifty could definitely do with managing his projects better in future, and I'm sure that's something he's worked out for himself. Developers are usually not the greatest at managing projects and setting deadlines.

I think one of the main mistakes made was continuing development on additional features for XF1 versions of addons, notably Tickets, so long after XF2 was released. It was always known that it wouldn't be long until XF2 became EOL, so maybe focus should've shifted towards XF2 development sooner.
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