Discord Fixed Some Discord Bugs

Affected version


  1. We've not allowed users to manually set their nicknames on our discord server. Their nicknames are automatically changed to their forum username once they associate their forum account with their discord account. However, this sometimes doesn't happen and 2-3 out of 50 users still have their discord username instead of their forum username.
  2. We had created a usergroup on forums earlier which had like 50 users in it. Once we associate that particular usergroup with a discord role, only few of the users get the associated role on discord, we have to manually assign others.


Staff member
This sounds like a permission hierarchy issue. You'll need to make sure the bot is in a higher role than other roles so it can modify other users in the server.

The fact that it works for some users and not others suggests that some users are outranking the bot and can't be updated by it.


The bot is at the top of the role hierarchy.
All the effected and non-effected users have the same usergroup, which is "Registered". Registered role is at the bottom of the role hierarchy.