Calendar release


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How much longer do you think this will be?
Is XF2.1 version available for best testing, I'd like to be able to progress my planning/testing for site upgrade.
I was going to update this site and release them alongside it at the start of the week but ran in to an issue with the store add-on here.

Going to give it another go later in the week but if not, I'll just release them since they're both good to go now.


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Kinks fixed ?! Seriously, how much longer for Calendar's XF2 version release? It's only 6 weeks until XF1.5 reaches End of Life and is no longer supported.
There were some edge-cases in both (likely exclusive to this site) that needed handling. That's all been done now so going to install it here later today with release on the weekend. Appreciate its been a while but wanted to triple check that the upgrade process is smooth. :)


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@NixFifty will the matters below be addressed? With xf1 becoming EOL, FS events will need to be replaced. If your calendar cannot replace it then I will need another solution. Im looking at a WordPress events plugin as the alternative. Just upgrading XF and importing into NF Calendar would be easiest.

It would be nice if it were possible to finally replace FS events with NF calendar. FS Events still has sidebar widget functionality that NF Calendar still does not.
  1. NF Calendar displays user avatars in the widget, while the user is mostly not the organizer. i.e. the avatar should not be displayed. Display the event logo or nothing.
  2. NF Calendar has a setting to display fields in the widget, but this fails. Its useless to only display event title and date. There needs to be some information that allows the reader to understand what & where the event is. i.e. location, event type, genre.
  3. FS Events can display a preview text snippet.
IMHO the widget is quite pointless now.