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Feel free to wait. I’ve been a little busy recently so haven’t been as vocal around here but fixing that link and allowing old events to be surfaced better is something I’ll be working on.

FWIW, it wasn’t clear in the dead link thread but I did figure out what was meant. The dead link is actually on the sidebar widget, not the navtabs.


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Yeah, and the week after. And the week thereafter. @NixFifty is a true master at getting our hopes and anticipation up only to teach us the true reality of anticlimax.


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Thanks for the update.

It would be nice if it were possible to finally replace FS events with NF calendar. FS Events still has sidebar widget functionality that NF Calendar still does not.
  1. NF Calendar displays user avatars in the widget, while the user is mostly not the organizer. i.e. the avatar should not be displayed. Display the event logo or nothing.
  2. NF Calendar has a setting to display fields in the widget, but this fails. Its useless to only display event title and date. There needs to be some information that allows the reader to understand what & where the event is. i.e. location, event type, genre.
  3. FS Events can display a preview text snippet.
IMHO the widget is quite pointless now.

The absence of a date filter blocks us from seeing past events:
This is something we really need, because we need to check the events from the past year to see if those occur next year.


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sorry, not sure, are we talking about Calendar for XF2? I'd like to test it out for my needs. I have one Calendar now, but I really don't like its unresponsive dev...
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